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Appeal to Your Customers, Inside and Out

April 06, 2017

Appeal to Your Customers, Inside and Out.jpg

You’ve probably heard us talk about “curb appeal” before. It’s a passion of ours, and honestly, you should consider making it one of your top priorities, too, simply because it can make or break your customer experience. As the old saying goes, first impressions are everything.

Many businesses lay the groundwork for success up front – the outside of the building is pristine but a few years go by and you’d never know the hard work that was put in up front. Consider especially the parking lot. Because it’s one of your largest investments on your property and also one of the most visible to your customers, maintenance is key to not only boosting your curb appeal but preventing costly repairs in the future. Here’s a few reasons to consider maintaining your lot regularly.

  • Property appeal: If your parking lot looks cracked up, what do you think customers will think about your business? Opt to show your customers your business is fresh, clean and crisp instead.
  • Safety concerns: Potholes and large cracks not only cause frustration and actual damage to cars driving in your lot but also creates unsafe tripping hazards for visitors. Not to mention it greatly limits the handicap accessibility of your business.
  • Traffic organization: Forget faded lines! Keep traffic in your parking lot organized and trouble-free with regular, fresh asphalt striping. This will let your visitors know where to drive and where to park, reducing the chance of accidents. It can also help you maximize space available. 

Remember, if you maintain it from the beginning, your long-term cost will be lower. The best plan is to rejuvenate every three to five years and re-stripe every one to two years. Let Metro Building Services create a maintenance plan for your lot to keep your visitors safe and keep your property looking its best. Call for a free estimate today.