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How do I fix the cracks in my parking lot?

April 20, 2017

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"How do I fix the cracks in my parking lot."

Well, you'd be surprised to learn that's the question we come across most often. You see, business parking lots experience a tremendous amount of wear and tear. The asphalt is exposed to damage from cars and weather alike, but this doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than a beautiful lot.

For every common asphalt problem, there is a common solution offered by Metro Building Services. Here are some solutions to consider if you come in contact with one of these paving issues.

If the asphalt is dry, light in color and older…

You can use the Metro Building Services asphalt rejuvenator. During this process, we apply a sealant to your parking lot that will renew the plasticity, flexibility and overall durability of the asphalt. If your parking lot has dry skin, though, it may just need a face lift!

If the asphalt starts looking like an alligator…

You should cut out, remove and replace the pavement. This problem indicates a fundamental issue within the asphalt such as incorrect layering. Since the problem derives from the asphalt itself, it’s best to renew the lot as a whole.

If the asphalt has cracks larger than one inch…

You can use a milling process. This practice removes the crack and 16 inches of area around it to replace that asphalt. Think of Metro Building Services as your personal local expert for fixing these issues and give us a call if you run into any questions.

If the asphalt has cracks smaller than one inch…

You can use a crack filling process. Though it sounds similar to the previous solution, it’s less complex. For smaller cracks, you fill in the crack to preserve the pavement longer -- which prevents water from breaching the surface.

If the asphalt is just plain bad…

You should replace it with something better. Cutting, removing and replacing the pavement will improve the look and feel of your parking lot. New parking lot installations are just one of many services we offer.

If the asphalt has faded stripes…

You will want to repaint them. Luckily, Metro Building Services offers a suite of services that cover a parking lot project from start to finish -- including striping!

While these actions may answer, "How do I fix the cracks in my parking lot?" Metro Building Services also provides several preventative maintenances services such as seal coating and drainage solutions. For more information on our paving services, we encourage you to reach out to us at (405) 329-0078.


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